In business, being forewarned is being forearmed. One wrong person in your company could cost you money, time, harm your reputation or even lead you to lose your business. Frisk helps you seed out deceitful and disloyal employees who could harm you in the long run.

In case your management is harbouring suspicion on a bigwig or a top employee in the company, we help you understand their character discreetly. We also have in place a system to judge the efficiency levels of your team, so you have the best force backing you.


How do I use this service?

This particular service is used to learn the loop holes in your process.

How do I identify the black goat in my organization?

This is the service, which ideally suits your need.

I am not able to retain my staffs? What should I do?

To know the fact, we must need to seed a plant in that soil to find out the actual truth.

I have too much of groups in my office, what should I do?

We have an answer for that, which cannot be discussed here.

I know there’s a problem in my process, but I could didn’t find where it is?

Leave it to us, we will find it.


Going Undercover

We undertake seeding activity for our clients in the banking industry, on a regular monthly basis. This service is ideal for companies who have products or services that are dependent on external resources for sales and service.

The outsourced agency is required to collect documents in person, from the customer’s home or office and also obligated to personally verify original documents shared.

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