Looking to gain a deeper insight on the modus operandi of your competitor? Frisk’s Mystery Shopping services help you get a better understanding on how your services and products compare to that of competitors, on various levels. Know what your customers truly think about your product and what they expect.

We also undertake mystery checks in your business, to asses how your employees are treating your customer in your absence, their levels of commitment and service and professionalism in functioning. This assessment can help you analyze areas of improvement and adopt the best practices of your competitors so your business can function at optimal levels.


Which business people can use this mystery shopping?

Any business, which depends on the walk-in customer, can use our services.

In what way, it can help my business?

It will help you to identify the liability in your organization. You can able to know, how your employees treat your customer in your absence.

What are the proofs you can give?

We can give you Video footage and documentary evidence if possible.

What will be the charges?

It purely depends on your profile; we cannot charge the same rate for fancy store owner and a jewellery shop owner.

What is your geographical boundary?

We can do it across India. We will be using the local people of the respective area.

The Rotten Apple

Unsure about the commitment levels and ethics of your employees? Especially in your absence? Frisk can help.

A famous jewellery store in Chennai came to us with a request. Sometimes jewellery purchased was returned by the customer for various reasons. Maybe it was an impulsive buy or not liked by the person it was bought for or just a little out of their means.

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