Marriages are meant to last a lifetime and you want to ensure that you have chosen the right partner. Frisk’s range of services have been conceptualised for you to get to know the other half of your better half. Our customised solutions address various issues and problems, depending on your personal requirements.

Some of the common checks conducted include financial stability, financial commitments, character check and check on family background and social status. Understanding the sensitivity of these matters, we maintain utmost discretion and confidentiality in all our enquiries.


What are the details you want to verify a groom or bride?

Name, Father’s Name, Address & Mobile number is required. For Hindus, they have horoscope, in which all details will be available.

How do you do the verification?

All the verification will be done discreetly, 99.99% they will not come to know about that.

What sort of information you will cover?

Ideally we will cover the financial part, his/her liability, exact salary & source of income, family background, behaviour and social status.

Will you able to tell the caste details?

We suggest the client to do the activity, while meeting the potential in-law family. To know the caste & sub-caste, we need to approach their close circle. While doing so, there’s a chance of that family will get to know about the verification.

How old is your company and how long you have been doing this?

We are 13 yrs old company; we have been doing the matrimony verification for the past 5 years.

What will be the duration you take to submit the report?

Normally we take about 10 working days, but 90% of the cases get completed in 7 days.

What would be the charge for this verification?

We charge about Rs. 10,000 per verification, for complicated cases it may go higher.

How much I should pay initially?

You may need to pay 100% advance. Ours is a Private Limited company, your money will be in safe hands.

Can I have a sample report?

Please refer to matrimony page, you can see one sample report.

Sample Report E-Brochure

Mysterious Girl

Frisk was once approached by a client to do a background check on a prospective bride, before fixing the marriage date. A doubt arose in the groom’s mind, as the girl had requested for money from him multiple times, for her father’s operation. Although the groom gave in the first time, when she once again asked for money, he had his hesitations.

Through our investigations, we found that the woman in question was an actress by profession. As she had acted only in one movie, which was a colossal flop, she was not a recognized face.

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