Hiring the right candidate is one of the toughest jobs. There is always an element of risk as the particular individual’s true colours may emerge only after power is entrusted in them. Effective due diligence is advised during the hiring process, especially for more senior or executive levels.

The employment screening process at Frisk provides an in-depth analysis and verification of the potential employee’s personal, educational and professional details. This analysis can help identify unscrupulous characters, and avert unpleasant situations in the long run.


In what way you are different from other background verification company?

Unlike others, we don’t verify the previous employment documents thru email or phone, we go personally and ascertain the document is genuine and we go one step further to confirm, whether the company itself is genuine or not.

Have you found any setup company like that?

Not just one, we have found more than 300 setup companies in Chennai alone, which indulge in such activity. Their primary job is to give fake certificates.

What’s your cost?

Our fee starts from 1500 and it may slightly vary for higher posts.

What’s your TAT?

48 hrs for our regular client, 72 hrs for others

What are the clients you are dealing with?

Please visit our client list page, where you can see few of them or mail us to know more about us.

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Separating The Wheat From The Chaff

Frisk At Frisk we have over 13 years expertise in undertaking document verification, for various reputed banks. One of documents that come up for verification, in support of loan proposals is previous experience certificates. 2 out of 10 experience certificates are fabricated !

Once we reject the cases in question, the bank calls the applicants and charges a penalty for document fabrication. Frisk Services

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