Your stocks are not tallying and you feel that there is more to the situation than meets the eye. You may even doubt the character of certain persons within and outside the framework of your business. Frisk helps you identify and handle any weakness in the system.

We can safeguard your company’s finances through our random surprise audits and background checks on your employees, dealers, associates, vendors and many more. By undertaking regular fraud prevention checks, you can fix problems that arise and not become a victim of fraud.


Where I can use your service?

Do you feel something / somewhere not right in your organisation, then you must for this investigation.

I don't know where is the problem in my organisation?

Leave it to us; we have been trained in that only.

I have a doubt with my senior most guy, how to go about

All the spying / investigation will be done discreetly only, hence no fear. Once we collect the proof, we can bring them out.

Have you done any such thing with big corporate, can you name few?

Yes we had done it for many corporate and all the cases were successful. We are extremely sorry; we cannot reveal the company name. No one wanted to list out their company name for the wrong reason.

How fast you can produce the result?

It’s all depends on the complexity of that issue. Very frankly saying, out of all the investigations, Corporate Investigation is the time consuming process.


The Curious Case of Missing

Frisk This activity was conducted for one of the leading Two Wheeler Dealer in Chennai. On an average he was selling about 8000 vehicles across Chennai. The problem they faced was, every month one or two vehicles were getting lost.

Since they were busy, they didn't have time to take inventory of the stocks in their branches and they could not make out anything in the CCTV footages. Frisk

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Corporate Investigation
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